Covid Updates

DEPARTMENT: Administrative
REVISED DATE: 8/13/2020
SUBJECT: Coronavirus COVID-19 Outbreak Plan

Policy Statement
A Coronavirus Outbreak Plan has been incorporated into this facility’s overall disaster preparedness plan.
Policy Interpretation and Implementation
The facility has identified key components for Coronavirus outbreak preparedness and is continuously updating its readiness efforts based on lessons learned from the outbreak, and facility experience with COVID-19.
A multidisciplinary Coronavirus Outbreak Planning Committee has been established to develop and oversee the facility’s outbreak preparedness planning, including the written policy.
An Outbreak Response Coordinator has been assigned to coordinate outbreak preparedness planning and to monitor public health advisories.
An outbreak is considered to be 1 or more residents/patients that had an in-facility onset. 2 or more cases of healthcare providers within 14 days of each other will be considered an outbreak. Alternatively, should the local community have an outbreak, the facility will implement the Outbreak Plan.

The facility has put the following items in place for the health and safety of all of our residents and staff should an outbreak occur:

  • All new admissions and readmissions are placed in our 14 day Transition Unit upon entry to monitor for change in condition and potential signs and symptoms of COVID-19.
  • Dedicated staff members have been trained and educated on how to detect potential signs and symptoms of COVID-19, general infection control practices that include hand hygiene, proper use of PPE, and cough/ sneeze etiquette.
  • All new admissions, readmissions and high-risk, immunocompromised patients may be tested for COVID-19 during an outbreak, or if requested by a physician.
  • All residents are screened daily for respiratory function and any signs and symptoms of COVID-19, to include vital signs such as Temperature, Blood Pressure, Pulse, and Pulse Ox (oxygenation levels).
  • In addition to screening residents daily, the facility is also screening our staff and visitors daily at the start of their workday for signs and symptoms, to include temperature using our screening tool. Should the criteria be met upon screening, the staff or visitor would be prohibited from entering facility and Administration will be notified.
  • Hand sanitizer stations have been strategically placed throughout the facility for ease of use.
  • Resident rooms, office spaces and equipment are sanitized on a daily basis including all high-touch areas such as knobs, handrails, counters and light switches. EPA approved sanitizers are used throughout the facility.
  • Signage has been posted throughout the facility as a reminder to use proper hand hygiene, cough and sneeze etiquette.
  • Masks and designated PPE are required to be utilized by all staff members for source control. Residents who are able to tolerate masks will also be provided one for source control.
  • We continue to test all of our staff members weekly for COVID-19 until otherwise directed by NJDOH.
  • Communication methods to notify patients/residents, their families or guardians and staff about an outbreak including virtual communication methods will be updated at least weekly.
  • Staffing contingency plan will be utilized to secure additional staff if necessary.
  • Facility website will include a phone number for urgent calls and complaints.


SUBJECT: COVID-19 Outbreak Testing Plan

Per Executive Directive (ED) 20-026, facility testing for COVID-19 is essential for mitigating and controlling the spread of the virus, and also to determine the occurrence of the spread of the virus to assist in additional prevention control efforts. Based on the ED, the following procedure will be


Continued Testing of Residents:

  1. Repeat weekly testing of all residents until no new facility-onset cases of COVID-19 are identified among residents and positive cases in staff and at least 14 days have elapsed since the most recent positive result and during this 14-day period at least two weekly tests have been conducted with all individuals having tested negative.
  2. Retesting of residents who have been confirmed positive whenever required according to CDS and CDC guidance.

Continued Testing of Staff:

  1. Ongoing weekly testing of all staff until guidance from the NJDOH changes based on epidemiology and data about the circulation of virus in the community.
  2. Retesting staff who have previously tested positive according to CDC and NJDOH guidance.
    • Any resident or staff member who is newly symptomatic consistent with COVID-19 must be retested at the onset of symptoms, regardless of the interval between the most recent negative test and symptom onset.


  • Facility to continue to report testing data through NJHA portal.
  • Facility to report to National Healthcare Safety Network (NHSN) twice weekly.