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DEPARTMENT:  Administrative                                               NUMBER:

EFFECTIVE DATE:       5/2021                                    REVISED DATE: 

SUBJECT:  Routine Testing of Staff


Policy Statement

In order to enhance efforts to keep COVID-19 from entering and spreading, the facility is required to test residents and staff in accordance with CMS, CDC and CDS guidance.

Policy Interpretation and Implementation

  1. The frequency of routine testing of unvaccinated staff will be based on the extent of the virus in the community utilizing CALI Scores to determine testing frequency.
    1. https://www.nj.gov/health/cd/statistics/covid/


  1. Fully vaccinated staff Do Not need to be routinely tested (unless when facility needs to conduct outbreak testing regardless of vaccination status).
  2. Fully vaccinated staff must still be tested if they present symptoms consistent with COVID-19.
  3. The facility will conduct routine testing of all facility staff in accordance with QSO-20-38, until otherwise directed by the NJDOH.
  4. “Facility Staff” includes employees, consultants, contractors, volunteers, and caregivers who provide care and services to residents on behalf of the facility, and students in the nurse aide training programs or from affiliated academic institutions.
  5. The facility will test all unvaccinated staff at the frequency prescribed via the CALI weekly report table which uses the regional positivity rate.
  6. The facility will monitor the regional CALI level every week and adjust the frequency of unvaccinated staff testing according to the table.
  7. If the regional CALI level increases to a higher level of activity, the facility will begin testing unvaccinated staff according to the table as soon as criteria for the higher activity are met.
  8. If the regional CALI level decreases to a lower level of activity, the facility should continue testing unvaccinated staff at the higher frequency level until the regional CALI level has remained at the lower activity level for at least two weeks before reducing testing frequency.
  9. Retest staff who have previously tested positive according to CDC guidance.
  10. All staff with new symptoms consistent with COVID-19 must be retested at the onset of symptoms regardless of vaccination status.





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