Short-Term Rehabilitation

At Bishop McCarthy Center, we understand that we are your home away from home and that your goal is to return to your active and independent lifestyle as soon as possible. At Bishop McCarthy Center, our goal is to make that happen.

For those visiting us to recuperate after hospitalization, our dedicated and trained staff create a tailored rehabilitation program designed to restore function and help you reach the highest level of independence. Whether you need to recover from a recent surgery or regain strength after an illness, our staff is sure to help you achieve your goal.

At Bishop McCarthy Center, we recognize that the care for each resident must be individualized so that each resident can reach his or her highest level of functionality. Therefore, our dedicated and trained therapists create a personalized comprehensive rehabilitation program, which includes Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy services.

Our short-term program offers a wellness-focused holistic approach to rehabilitation that includes the resident, the resident’s physician, therapy team and family. Our combination of clinical expertise, faith-based healing and dedicated and caring staff will ensure that you return home as soon as possible.

Short term services include:

Bishop McCarthy Center is an affiliate of Catholic Health Group, Stewards of the Catholic Tradition in the Diocese of Camden.